3 December 2015

Contracts Awarded too Burdensome Management Of The Player

Said Firman Utina, contracts awarded too burdensome management of the player with the articles listed
there. According financially very harmed player with the clause.
Because for him the advantages gained from sponsorship management does not get to pocket players. Meanwhile, if the Word and his friends are not allowed to seek revenue from other brands. In fact, for a given value of the contract, he claimed did not objections.

"What I want to put forward from the team of PT. The UN should respect us as players in the field. I know that there are advantages there not for us as actors and the only income they (management) can, "Firman said in an interview at weddings Taufiq, Thursday (3/12).

"Players can what? Supposedly after 3 years there should be a 2-way communication. What is meant is that damning article we can not relate to other products. When it comes to our values ​​is no problem, "he continued.

According to Maung Bandung forces need to find alternative sources of income when their salaries are only paid as much as 35 percent. The prohibition in the contract so that it is called the Word of inhumane because he needs to look for the coffers of rupiah for the support of the family. The current squad is itself according to the Word majority already 3 years together and it should give management confidence in the players.
"Now I am wondering if the salaries are given to meet the needs of the players? I think we must find jobs outside. Must be humanize the human being is, in a sense have to respect each other because we are not a new player yesterday to Persib so that management does not believe it. And perhaps for those we do not provide any degree, "he said.

For him every player is now obliged to follow all the instructions of the sponsors that their brands promoted by Persib. But the player who became a model of these ads do not get a percentage of that profit management. He said the policy is detrimental because each job should be rewarded by commensurate terms which in this case is money.

"We have photos at Persib products listed in the article, now there is no compensation. Imagine me from Tangerang continuous shooting came here just to say hello and thank you. What is gained wife at home while her husband was out looking for a living, "he explained.